The who?

Hi, I’m Rory J. Somers; I’ve just become a tabletop game reviewer/blogger.  Before the dizzy celebrity high-life of writing down my thoughts about cardboard I had another life as a business analyst (which means i make number look pretty for my boss, especially the bad numbers).  I’m also a father to one very small little boy, and two not-so-little-dogs.  As a boy I wanted to create superheroes and draw comics, as a young man that aspiration changed and I wanted to be a sci-fi and fantasy writer, now I want to be a game designer.

The what?

This blog is going to be about board, card and all manner of tabletop games.  I am at best (if we’re totally honest with one another) an avid fan and general tabletop enthusiast; and like many people who would also use those words to describe themselves I spend far too much money on cardboard, which I collect and am reluctant to relinquish ownership of.  My aim here is to share my experiences within the hobby but also help those just dipping their toes in the water.

The why?

I love and often encourage people to join this hobby, and I get a real kick out of helping people across that bridge; away from binge watching TV shows in near silence to the happier land of genuine social interaction over a board/card game.   It started with friends and family, and then my girlfriend’s friends and family, then work, after that it began permeating my other hobbies, and now, I’m spreading my enthusiasm (very slowly) out across the internet.

The where?

Just here.

The when?

Well, life permitting, I’m going to aim for at least every other week.