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It’s all about me:

The who?

Its a me! Rory!

I’m Rory J. Somers

The what?

This blog is all about card, board, and tabletop games.  I write reviews, occasionally (when the muse takes me) I’ll pen an article about boardgames and every now and then I do interviews; but I find them terribly scary, so if you want to be interviewed by me you must be nice and provide biscuits.

The why?

I love tabletop gaming.  I just flat out love it, and I want you to love it too.  If you already do love it, then I want to help you find great games.

The where?

Just here.

But also on the Polyhedron Collider website, in fact, you may see many of my reviews appear on both sites

Get in touch:

Would you like your game reviewed?

If you’re a publisher or designer and would like me to review your game then get in touch and let’s talk about it.  There are certain types of games that I’m more comfortable with and more knowledgeable about but I’m more or less happy to give it all a go.

All my reviews are free, I play the games and write the reviews in my own time and I expect nothing in return except respecting that my opinion is my opinion.

So, whether you’re a publisher, designer, or reader of the blog, and you just want to get a hold of me the best way is via e-mail: rory.somers@boardmeetings.co.uk