Bad Pets

This is my up coming game design: Bad Pets.

It is a light weight, tableau tile placement game for 2 players (at the moment) where players will take on the role of either Cat (Domino) or Dog (Hercules) as they romp around a living room causing all manner of destruction whilst their owner is away.

The game should last no more than 20 minutes, so the aim is to keep it light, fun and quick.

The aim of the game is to have your opponent do more damage to the room than you, in other words the player with the lowest score wins.  For example, as the Dog player, you’ll be placing tiles down which denote Cat Damage to the sofa.

The rules are simple: you place a tile that matches the image beneath, the tile height is capped at 3 , and the damage denoted on the tile cannot be lower than the tile it is covering.

This all needs to be done before the owner gets home, indicated by the footsteps at the side of the board, when it is full the game is over, so a game can be over very quickly indeed.

That, in a nut shell is the game.

It is still in development – and you can read about how that is going on the Designer’s Desk page of my  blog – and right now I need play testers.  Loads of play testers.

There are plans to add bonus scoring, more players and even other rooms.  Yes, there may be some tweaking to some of the numbers but I need games played.  If you are interested and able to help do please let me know in the comments section or e-mail 

My first scheduled outing is Saturday 18th Feb 1-3pm at the Games Den in Leamington Spa